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logoDream of Holiday firm domestic and international daily for rentals holiday villa, rentals vacation apartments and boutique hotel industry as direct sales portal. Other languages available of this web site. Fielt of activity, holiday for rentals holiday apartment, private vacation villas and boutique hotels short term (daily weekly rent) organization and real estate and land for sale.In addition, guests can also help transfer and social activities during the holidays. We consider about the costumer satisfaction than just selling aparts and real estates Dream of Holiday it is not only domestic agency, as in United Kingdom, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, Netherlands, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait and Russia is also common with tourism agencies operating in the country to foreign tourists. Our company has been very active in the 2009 reviews rent a holiday apartment and villa rentals sector within. And this is with a professional in tourism rather than joined it seemed logical.We know that  rental apartment and villas, hotel with holiday making different. Moreover, our company cooperates with various establishments in the region. Especially, the institutions, which are located in Bursa cooperate with us;colleges, ski resorts, hospitals and insurance companies. Also, Our costumers are very selective by booking their holiday and buying properties and real estates. We take care of each guest with a special need and like. These are the principles of Dream of Holiday

In addition to Fethiye district, we got business representatives in Marmaris, Kalkan, Antalya, Kushadasi, Bodrum,  Bursa,  Istanbul, Alanya, Didim and Cappadocia,


About Dream Of Holiday

Vacation Villas and Holiday Apartments in Turkey
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