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Ankara, Istanbul has been established that feeds the river on the eastern edge of the plain through which the River Ankara. Rod Plain, is an efficient agricultural land surrounding the city. Ankara Castle was founded and later the hill is steep slopes of the foothills, were protected against history in the region makes enemy attacks. Bentderesi the narrow valleys, volcanic hill where Ankara Castle, that separates the edge of the plateau overlooking the plain upright, was in possession of military importance. Although knowing the exact date of establishment, the city’s history is known as the Old Stone Age (approx. 2 million BC – BC 10 thousand)which extends. Various works of this period Gavurkale, Ergazi, was found in Lodumlu and Maltepe. Traveling Places of Ankara Anitkabir The Government of Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk was tried to be built in a manner worthy of the honor and is a mausoleum dedicated to him. Here also the first prime minister and second president İsmet İnönü there are grave. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, November 10, 1938 until his death in 1953, plans, projects, competitions and construction stages lasting memorial was completed on September 11, 1953. The project is being used as in prehistoric times for the selected name Rasattepe old graves, there are also a period where the observatory. Kizilay Square Ankara’s Kızılay Square, the central square, which is also among the numbered squares Turkey. Business and Red Crescent Square was an important center of the state bureaucracy is also found frequently in a place where the representatives of foreign missions in Turkey. Located here is the challenge before the name of the Red Crescent headquarters. Despite structure where no challenge is still known by that name to this day. Kızılay Square Tandogan, Maltepe, Gazi Mustafa Kemal Boulevard, Ziya Gokalp Street, Medic, remains in the middle of the Nation and the Ministry of the region. This is the Parliament, Ministries, Presidential, is close to major centers such as the Mausoleum state. At the same time there are many here in the business center and various agencies. Kızılay Square for a traveler is one of the world’s crowded and living square. Here dozens of shopping centers, many entertainment venues, arts and cultural center, is one of the squares in the middle of a terrific cafe and bar. Topics and Carnation Street falls way for a traveler to Ankara, Istanbul and the Nation regions are among the places worth visiting. A tour will be held in Kızılay Square should not be neglected in those spots. Anatolia Civilization Museum There are workshops of Hitit civilization and after it that opened in 1921.It has an important place in our modern day. Ataturk Forest Farm Gift for Mustafa Kemal Ataturk and located over 52 thousand acres of land and the most modern agriculture of Turkey. Ankara Castle One of the oldest places of Ankara and ıt isnt known built of castle. It was dominance of Seljuks in 1073. Atakule It is located in Chankaya and one of the symbol of Ankara.The height of tower is 125 metres and you can see view of Ankara. Kojatepe Mosque The building was started built in 1967 and opened for use in 1987. The other symbol of city this Kojatepe Mosque. Augustus Temple It has an impotant historical place in traveling place of Ankara.It was built after B.C 25. Ahmet Hamdi Akseki Mosque The eldest mosque of city and built of it started at 2008 and opened after 4 years. The other name is Diyanet Mosque. Genchlik Parl One of the place using for rest and entertainment in Ankara.There are a lot of restuarants ,cafes and lunapark inside Park. Haji Bayram Mosque Other religion structure of Ankara and you should add this place to your trip programme. It thought that mosque was built betwen 1427 and 1428. Arslanhane Mosque It was built early 13rd century in Seljuk Period.It is located at Samanpazari district and other name is Ahi Sherafettin Mosque. State Picture and Sclupture Museum It is located at Ulus locality and was built in 1927. It changed to museum in 1980 , before it was a Local House. 7.Street One of the moving place of Ankara and named sometimes 7.Street or Akchabat Street. It prefers to shopping by local people of Ankara. Ankara Zoo It is located at Ataturk Forest Farm and opened in 1940. It open for visit because of restoration. Chengelhan Rahmi Koch Museum Museum is one of the first industry museum of Ankara and located in Chengel Han Caravansarai. There exhibiting a lot of historical tool in museum. Ankara Toy Museum It gives a service in position of Ankara University and opened in 1990 , the first toy museum of Turkey. Liberation War Museum Other important museum of Ankara and located in Grand National Assembly of Turkey in Ulus. Tunali Hilmi Street One of the most important street of Ankara and located in Kavaklidere district.There are a lot of stores, cafes and restuarants in this street. Ulujanlar Prison Museum It was built in 1925 and hosted political prisoners untill 2011 and changed to museum. METU Museum It was built in 2003 and exhibiting technologies of Anatolia until B.C 7000. Ankara Etnography Museum Other important museum of Ankara. There exhibiting different workshops of Seljuk period. Ankara Republic Museum Using as II. Parliement Building of Ankara and exhibits workshops of the first three present of Turkey. 50th Year Park The wonderful place of Ankara and known as terrace of Ankara. You can watch view of Ankara from here. Altinpark One of the most important traveling place of Ankara. It is located at Aydinlikevler district and there is one lake in Altinpark. Goksu Park It is formed over Susuz lake and one of biggest park of Ankara. There are cafe, restuarant and lunapark inside park. Mogan Park One of the biggest park of Ankara. It is formed to 650.000 m2 area there are child area, sport area and walking area in Mogan Park. Wonderlan Park The biggest park of Europe and formed to 1 billion 300 thousand m2 area in Sinjan. Rome Hamam( Bathroom) One of the important historical place in Ankara and located at Ulus. It was built in 3rd century. Pembe Mansion(Pink) It was flat of Ismet Inonu second Presedent of Turkey and used as museum in modern day.There exhibiting goods of Inonu family. Akkopru(White Bridge) It is an important historical structure and was built in Alaattin Keykubat period 1222. It is located in Altindag district. Aqua Vega Aquavarium One of the biggest aquavarium of Ankara. Sea World Other aquavariu of Ankara and There are 4.000 different types of fish and located to 400m2 area. Blue Lake It is reacsion area that you can enjoy of nature. There is play area for children in picnic area. Elmadag Ski Center The most preferable place of Ankara people for skiing. There are a lot of plants and structure inside center. Ayash Thermals It is found in Ayash district and cure rheumatism, joint pain and sciatica. Gordion Antique City Other historical area for traveling in Ankara and 29 km far away from Polatli district. Ankara Theatres In Ankara State Theatre and the city’s many theaters in conjunction with municipalities since the early days of the republic bulunmaktadır.ankar own theater, the Turkish culture is a city that offers a great contribution. From the early period of the Republic of Turkish culture and incentives for the formation of the state of the art a little life in numerous theater and arts center was established in Ankara. Activities carried out by the State Theatre and the municipalities with a large number of theaters in the city has its own theater. In addition, a number of theaters in Ankara repertoire has survived almost more than half of the history of Turkey. These include a central school in the area was like Ankara Arts Theatre


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